Major: International Politics

Hometown: Darien CT  

High School: Fairfield Prep

Activities: Competitive ballroom dance, political science honors society

Internships: Summer Investment Banking Analyst at RBC

My favorite thing about YFD is... Getting to change our community a little bit every day.





Major: Human Rights, pre-medical track

Hometown: Millwood, NY  

High School: Solomon Schechter School of Westchester

Activities: YFD is my pride and joy, but I love working on theLounge at Kraft and volunteering in the pediatric hematology/oncology clinic at Mt. Sinai. 

Internships: Data for Health at Vital Strategies, and The Lasker Foundation

My favorite thing about YFD is...The amazing group of freshmen who join our club at the beginning of the year.



Major: Political Science

Minor: History

Hometown: Kearny, NJ   

High School:  Kearny High School

Activities: Youth for Debate, Peer Health Exchange, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Residential Advisor

Study Abroad: Milan, Italy (Spring 2016)

Internships: Legion of Good Will, Murphy for Governor 2016, Aragon Partners LLC

My favorite thing about YFD is... how its simple mission to teach public speaking and debate has such a profound and noticeable effect on all of our students.



Major: Applied Math

Hometown: St. Paul, MN                   

High School: St. Paul Academy

Activities:  Barnard Bartending Agency, Barnard Empirical Reasoning Center, Sigma Delta Tau

Study Abroad:  In Spring 2017 I'll be studying in Stockholm, Sweden

Internships: Metropolitan Museum of Art's Digital Department

My favorite thing about YFD is... The tournament! It's so rewarding to see all of the students' and coaches' hard work play out at the end of the semester.





Major:  Applied Mathematics

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

High School:  Princeton High School (I vote for not putting this though)

Activities: Running, Biking, Computer Games

Internships: Laboratory Research at The Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston

My favorite thing about YFD is... it is very rewarding to teach important lifelong skills to underprivileged children. I have the opportunity to make a positive change in a community. 




Major: Psychology and Urban Studies

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY            

High School:  Easton Area High School

Activities: L.I.F.E. (Love Is for Everyone,) ASA (African Students' Association,) CUE (Columbia Urban Experience,) CFA (Christian Faith and Action)

Internships: Hudson Valley Writers' Center, Northampton County District Attorney's Office, Imbesi Law P.C.

My favorite thing about YFD is... being able to see the transformations in confidence that occur throughout the semester in our students.  You come into the classroom the first day, for example, and you might encounter a shy group of students who are a little bit apprehensive about delivering a constructive speech to an audience, but then several weeks later, these same students are debating issues of national security or gun rights or compulsory voting with verve, vigor, and vivacity.  There is little more rewarding than being able to help foster that sort of growth over time.


Major: American Studies and Sociology on the Pre-Law track

Concentration: English

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma               

High School:  Holland Hall High School

Activities: Gamma Phi Beta (Collegiate-Alumnae Relations Chair), Columbia Daily Spectator (Sports Graphics Deputy Editor), and Undergraduate Recruitment Committee (Tour Guide)

Internships: The Odyssey Online- Contributing Editor, Social Media Coordinator, and Content Creator

My favorite thing about YFD is the ability to invoke self-creation and self-confidence through empowering teens to speak thoughtfully about difficult issues. I love being able to work on resume building or college essays with students because they truly understand that you're there for them, both inside and outside of classroom goals. 


Major: Political Science and Art History

Hometown: Denver, Colorado               

High School: Cherry Creek High School

Activities: Youth for Debate, Artists Reaching Out (coordinator and volunteer), Columbia University Sketch Show (events chair), Undergraduate Recruitment Committee

Internships: Private Sector Initiatives department at Americans for the Arts, Office of Senator Linda Newell of Colorado State Senate

My favorite thing about YFD is... being able to be a part of a very transformative period of students’ lives, when debate, advocacy, and public speaking skills are so vital to being an active member of the community. It always blows my mind to hear the unique experiences and innovative ideas and arguments of my students. For me, the rewards of Youth for Debate all culminated in a moment of concrete change, when one of my students told me that with the confidence she gained through the program, she decided that she wanted to apply to college. 


Major: Art History

Hometown: Chicago                

High School: Phillips Exeter Academy

Activities: Youth for Debate

Internships: ELLE Magazine, Eric Firestone Loft, Sleepy Jones, Harper's BAZAAR

My favorite thing about YFD is... meeting young women of color that develop confidence in their voice. Everything we stress in our curriculum, from eye contact to research skills and rebuttals, prepares our students for every day scenarios. In that way, I feel like debate is one of the most valuable subjects to learn.